Chafee Referrals

Information presented here is for caseworkers or case managers to refer youth to the Chafee Foster Care Independence Program. 

Documents required for referral to Chafee are as follows:

In-Custody Youth Under 21

  • Completed IL referral form (DOCX)*
  • Copy of birth certificate*
  • Copy of social security card*
  • Copy of Colorado state ID card*
  • Affidavit of U.S. citizenship or legal residency (PDF) signed by the youth*
  • Copy of FSP 4D with youth and caseworker signatures
  • Casey Life Skills Assessment*
  • Copy of most recent placement order reflecting out-of-home placement and DHS custody or Division of Youth Services commitment

* Division of Youth Services

After-Care Youth Over 21

All youth are required to have a working email listed on the referral form.