Colorado ID

Get a Colorado ID

If you live in Colorado and don't have a driver license, a Colorado ID card is an alternative for valid identification for many purposes.

Complete details on how to get an ID are on the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website.

Anyone applying for a Colorado ID will need a birth certificate, social security card, proof of address, and funds to pay for it (list of fees). If you’re age 18 and up, and have previously had an ID, you can apply for a replacement ID without an adult, but will still need to take along your birth certificate, social security card, and proof of address (two forms of proof) when you go. A complete list of identification requrements can be found here. If you got a fingerprint scan when you got your card, you may not need all of your vital documents to get a replacement ID.

If you’ve never had an ID before, the process is a little more complicated. Depending on what documents you have, you may have to go through the exceptions process. If you still have approved contact with your parents, it is easiest for them to meet you, and maybe your worker, at the nearest DMV to get your ID. If you don’t have approved contact with your parents, then your worker will have to help you get your ID. 

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