Young man playing basketball

Keep Moving!

When most people hear the word exercise they picture lots of sweat and breathing hard. They imagine having to join a gym and go to it at least three days a week to work out. That certainly can be a part of it, but it doesn’t have to be.

As human beings, we were “made to move.” Unfortunately, today many of us live sedentary lives; we don’t move around much. Through the history of man we had to do many things just to live. Most of these things involved movement and exertion. Since we live in the wonderful age of technology, many of the things we do today don’t involve movement. We turn on the faucet for water, while in the past they had to haul buckets of water, sometimes for quite a distance, just to have fresh water. Today we have transportation, while in the past people had to walk, or use other means to get from point A to point B. I think you get the idea. Our bodies are used to moving and they need activity to stay healthy.

Some activity is better than none at all. Your body would love it if you would exercise at least three times per week, for 30 minutes, at your target heart rate. Most of us aren’t willing, or able, to be that committed to an exercise routine however. Even though an exercise routine might not be the best fit for most people, working any movement into your daily/weekly routine is good for your mind and body. There are many little things you can do on a daily basis to improve your health by getting your body moving:

  • Take the stairs instead of an elevator.
  • Park a little farther away from the store when you go shopping.
  • Go for a walk in the mall or in the park.
  • Play a pickup game of basketball or go throw the Frisbee in the park.
  • Get a set of dumbbells and do some reps while watching TV.
  • Do a thorough cleaning of your bedroom/apartment.
  • Ride a bike, or walk, instead of taking the bus.

Anytime you make your body move, you are making it stronger and healthier.

If you are interested in getting in really good shape, and following a more specific exercise routine, there are many resources available to you. If you are really going to go for it, you should probably ask your doctor if you are healthy enough to start an intense exercise plan. Get more info on the basics of a good exercise plan. You can also go to your local library to get a lot of info on working out. 

There are many resources in the community to support your health. Some Denver recreation centers offer scholarships, so you can get in at a reduced price—or for free. In addition, youth up to age 18 can get free access to recreation centers, pools, and cultural activities through the MY Denver Card.

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