Medical, Dental, and Mental Health

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Take Your Health Care With You

Before you move out on your own, make sure you’ve found professionals to take care of your dental, medical, and mental health needs. Most people find moving out on their own for the first time to be pretty stressful. The fewer loose ends you have to take care of the better.

Health care is expensive. Luckily you will probably have Medicaid insurance until you turn 26. If you are in Denver Human Services custody and living anywhere other than your parent’s home, on or after your 18th birthday, you will probably be eligible for Medicaid. Be sure to check with your caseworker or Chafee worker to make sure your Medicaid coverage is activated after your case closes. If you are in therapy or taking medication, this is especially important as you want to keep things running smoothly when going out on your own.

Medicaid FAQs for Former Foster Youth

Helpful Links

If you don’t currently have insurance, there are many community resources to help you get services for free, or at a reduced cost.