Money scattered on a table surface

Managing Your Money

You’ve got to make a living in this world. That means making money. Money is a major factor in many things that are important in life, including happiness, safety, and opportunity. The more money you have, they more opportunities you can explore, and the better you'll be able to ride out the rough spots that are part of life. So, if you handle your money wisely, it will go farther and help you reach all of the dreams in your life.

Managing your money takes practice. Most of us are continually trying to stay on top of our money. As we go through our lives, the things we need money for may change, so adjusting one’s budget should be a lifelong process. It can be hard to balance spending your money on what you truly need versus what you want. It takes most people a fair amount of practice to find a comfortable balance between the two. Being able to determine “wants vs. needs” is probably the area that trips up most people, often leading them to major debt and a very complicated life.

Some basics of money and credit (