Building a Budget

The earlier you learn to manage your money, the sooner you’ll be able to start living the good life. A budget is the best place to start. Basically a budget is a plan for how to manage your money and expenses. If you’re spending more money than you make, then that is obviously a problem.

Start your own budget worksheet (ConsumerCredit.com)

A blank budget worksheet and a calculator

Saving Up

Part of any sound money management plan should be a savings plan. Numerous studies have proven that if you start saving at an early age -- even if it is only a small amount each paycheck -- before you know it you will be on your way to the easy life and sitting on a pile of money.

In order to save, many people find it useful to open a savings account with a bank or credit union. One benefit of having been in the social services system is that you are eligible to participate in the Bridging the Gap program. It is a wonderful program that helps you learn more about finances in general, and gives you cash rewards for completing many of the things that you do already. For more information, contact your caseworker, Chafee worker, or see the Bridging the Gap Program at the Mile High United Way website.