College and Other Options

Have you ever climbed a tree? You know that it can be hard work, but with a little bit of effort you are rewarded with a really cool view and the satisfaction of reaching your goal.

If you think of your career path to success and a happy life -- like climbing a tree -- you might see how a little effort pays off in the end.

First, you should get your GED or high school diploma. Then you can choose to stop there and enter the working world, or you can get additional training and open doors of opportunity that are closed to you now.

Research shows that the more training and education you get, the more you will earn over your lifetime!

College students in class

Teenage apprentice working


Earn while you learn!

Apprenticeships allow you to jump into the working world, while getting training that will lead to you become a certified professional. There are many different apprenticeship careers, not just those in construction trades.

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Engineer teaching apprentices to use computerized lathe


Certificates can help you get a good paying job that you like!

Certificates are great tools for building your resume and skill set, helping you qualify for good paying jobs and career paths. They require less time to complete than a degree, so they may be a better fit depending on your personal goals.

There are many options to obtain a certificate. Do your research! The cost can vary widely and some schools may not be reputable. There are various online resources to help you learn more about which institutions are accredited.

Graduation students at university commencement

College Diplomas

Open doors that are closed to you now!

There are many different types of degrees and levels of degrees. Do a lot of research to see which degree you will need to be successful in your desired career.

Many people change their areas of study when in college, so keep an open mind and find what really excites you.

Financial Aid

You have a lot of grant money to help you pursue whatever path is the best choice for you -- close to $12,000!

You don’t have to pay back grant money, so you can get that certification or degree without owing any debt. 

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