Have Fun While Making an Impact in Your Community: Metro Youth Alliance

If you are looking for a fun activity to share with other youth, while making a positive impact in your community, please consider attending a Metro Youth Alliance event. You will be able to develop your leadership skills and participating would look great on resumes and applications.

A youth advisory board (YAB) is a place where you can voice your opinion and make change happen!  Metro Youth Alliance is a YAB made up of former and current foster care youth, and youth with other backgrounds, who work together to improve the experience of youth in foster care, and collaborate to identify projects they would like to pursue to improve their communities.

As a member of Metro Youth Alliance, you’re a part of the decision making process on ways to improve the experience and outcomes for youth in foster care, and to make a positive impact in your community.  It’s a chance for you to make an impact on issues you feel passionate about! The State of Colorado is always asking for input from youth to improve the outcomes and experiences of youth in foster care.

The counties in the Denver Metro area (Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas, and Jefferson), along with youth in the Legacy Project through CASA, and the Department of Youth Connections are collaborating to form the Metro Youth Alliance. We are meeting every third Thursday from 3:30 to 5:30 pm on the Auraria Campus.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact Colin Minor at 720-944-6168 or colin.minor@denvergov.org.

Apply for Financial Aid by Completing the FAFSA, Date to Apply Starts 10/1/17 for 2018-19 School Year

The date to start completing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) changed last year to October 1st. It is recommended that you apply as soon as possible to guarantee your funding. You will use your tax information from 2016 to complete the application.

Here’s a link to a walk-through guide with helpful information.

Here’s a link to the application.

Here’s a link to more information about financial aid you may be eligible for.

Interested in making the Denver Chafee program what you really want and need?

We are holding youth panel meetings once per month to gather your input about the Chafee program; how we can improve it, and what you really want out of it. We are also trying to develop a system where older, experienced youth and young adults can partner with other youth to give them support and advice about transitioning into adulthood. There may also be opportunities to speak with other groups (like the Colorado Department of Human Services) about foster care and how it can be improved.

If you have any interest in being part of improving foster care and Chafee services, engaging your community to improve it, or just being part of the Denver Chafee “community” this is a great opportunity for you!!! It will also give you a chance to develop your interpersonal and leadership skills, and would look great on applications and resumes. We are trying to create a fun and rewarding experience for those involved, while empowering you to be a voice for youth and your community.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please speak with your Chafee worker or send an email to Colin colin.minor@denvergov.org

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