Healthy Relationships

Humans are social by nature. So, we want to have close relationships with others. While these can be rewarding and fulfilling, sometimes they are unhealthy and maybe even harmful to our lives. Knowing the difference between healthy relationships and bad ones can save you from a lot of pain and misery. If you notice early in a relationship that things aren’t “quite right”, then you should probably step back and take a look at things, to see if you should continue to engage that person, or if it might be better to just walk away, before things get really complicated. Any healthy relationship should include mutual respect, trust, and some sense of equality. If you feel like you’re being taken advantage of, or if violence and intimidation are part of the equation, then you should probably take a look at things and seriously consider if the relationship is improving your quality of life or bringing it down. My advice: SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO BRING YOU UP, NOT PULL YOU DOWN!

Here is a great website with information on healthy relationships and safer sexuality. It also has information on other resources and classes they teach.

If you do find yourself in an unhealthy relationship there are many resources available to help. If you’re comfortable with talking to your friends and family, talking to them about your situation would be a good place to start. An overwhelming situation can become more manageable if we ask for support from the people that have our back. Besides your friends and family, there are many community organizations that help people get out of unhealthy relationships. Click on any of the links below to get more info.


Break the Cycle