Adult Survival Checklist


Having a great life isn’t about luck or some mysterious process, you just have to play by most of the rules and be aware of what’s going on in your life. Life is beautiful, but there is an edge to it. If you don’t respect that edge by staying on top of your adult stuff, it can get really ugly. Are you ready for your adventure? Do you have everything you need to make it on your own? If you can check off most of the topics listed below as being complete, then you’re on your way to a fun and exciting adult life!  Click on any link for more info.

Vital Documents

You should have: Social Security CardBirth CertificateColorado State ID

Education and Training

Complete your high school diploma or G.E.D. Have a plan for education or training related to a career you’re interested in. Apply for financial aid.


You should establish a solid work history by finding and maintaining employment, preferably in a field related to a career you might like to explore. Develop a couple of professional references, so you can get a better job later in life.

Community Support

Identify a list of community providers who can help you get through the tough times and meet your needs as you move towards your dreams.


Having a roof over your head is a wonderful thing.


You should have a budget that is realistic, and at least $1000 in savings. You will run into some “rainy days”, so have a plan for how to deal with a financial crisis. Staying on top of your money is one of the main keys to a happy life.

Personal Support

Develop and maintain a network of friends and family to share the good times with, and to help you through the tough times. You should know at least 2 people or organizations you can call in an emergency.


Find the Dr.’s, dentists, and therapists you need to stay healthy and happy. Learn how to cook and eat healthy. Get some regular movement (aka exercise) into your weekly routine. Watch your stress levels.