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AmeriCorps is Recruiting!

This position is a 22-25 hour a week position for 11 months. AmeriCorps members will be placed with the GIVE Denver program housed at Denver Human Services (DHS). 80% of the member’s time will be spent as a resource navigator supporting operations of the GIVE Denver Center. The GIVE Denver Center functions as a safety net for DHS clients, as a resource navigator you will connect individuals in need with community resources and basic necessities. GIVE Denver also acts as a drop-off and distribution center for donations that are given to vulnerable children, adults and families including the homeless, foster children, veterans, at-risk and disabled seniors, and those living on the brink of poverty, who receive DHS assistance. 20% of the AmeriCorps member’s service will consist of training activities and professional development opportunities provided by the CBPYT AmeriCorps program housed at Denver Human Services.

  • Assess clients’ needs for food, clothing, shelter, medical, or other immediate assistance and connect clients with service providers in the community who can meet clients’ specific needs
  • Support relationship efforts between GIVE Denver and the community-based service providers
  • Support event-based, direct mail, and online fund-raising efforts (fundraising efforts will not exceed 10% of the members total service hours)
  • Deliver AmeriCorps presentations to community based agencies
  • Enhance and Improve volunteer management operations at GIVE Denver
  • Participate in Professional Development in office and classroom settings
  • Assist in planning team service projects

Hours of Service:

Members are required to serve an average of 22 hours per week, completing a minimum of 900 hours during the 11 month term of service. Hours are to be scheduled on any day of the week, including some weekends and holidays, as specified by the member’s supervisor. In the event the member does not serve on City holidays, the member will not be credited for hour of services performed for the holiday.

A schedule for member hours will be created at the beginning of service and will be amended as needed during monthly supervision meetings.

The member may from time to time take authorized sick time or leave for personal matters but only those hours of service that are actually provided by the member will be credited to the Member’s required hours of service. The member may make up time missed due to sick time or leave for personal matters if pre-approved by the member’s supervisor.

Members must be available on the 1st Friday of each month. Members must be able to commit to a minimum of 22 hours per week for the entire 11 month term which will begin on September 9, 2013 and end on July 31, 2014.

Participation in Training Activities:

The member will be required to participate in all AmeriCorps training activities, held the first Friday of every month.  Members must shadow at least 5 other AmeriCorps members or community professionals. Career training will also occur in a classroom setting 3 times a month.


  • Must be a current or former foster care youth with Denver Department of Human Services and eligible for Denver Chafee Services. for more information please see Denver Chafee
  • Must be at least 17 years old with a High School Diploma or GED or have a plan to complete their GED prior to the end of their service term (July, 2014)
  • U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, or lawful permanent resident of the United States
  • Former volunteer experience, though not necessary, is a plus
  • Must have a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn and impact their community in a positive way
  • Availability on the 1st Friday of each month is mandatory
  • CBPYT is committed to the inclusion of members with all levels of ability. Reasonable accommodations are available upon request


  • Part time members will receive a $6,050 (pre taxed) living stipend for the 11 month commitment. This breaks down to $275 before taxes every two weeks.
  • Upon successful completion of 900 service hours, members will receive a $2,775 education award which can be used towards future or previous education services
  • Members receive either a monthly bus pass or limited mileage reimbursement.


  • Program dates: September 9th, 2013 – July 31, 2014
  • At least 900 total hours of service over 11 months, must make commitment for entire 11 months
  • Members will be placed at Denver Department of Human Services.

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